Vagrant + Duo Security FTW

tl;dr vagrant is awesome for spinning up vm's locally, and duo security is ridiculously simple to set up two factor authentication for any linux system...and it's free (for under 10 users)

Ok, two awesome things happened tonight:

  1. I posted a while back about having a quick way to spin up different vm's locally on my workstation with the caveat being that I wanted it to run on kvm. Well some people mentioned vagrant, but the unfortunate part is that it supports virtualbox. Well I decided to give it a shot and virtualbox was as easy to install as 'sudo yum install -y Virtualbox'. This is insanely easier than it was a few year ago. And vagrant fucking rocks and made it stupid simple to spin up a cent6.3 box. Check it out:

Note: it isn't in the EPEL, I had to install it through ruby gems 'sudo gem install vagrant'. I am really excited about this.

Ok, next one to why I wanted to quickly spin up a vm to test something:

  1. Since I embarrassingly had my Linux VPS on linode compromised recently, I've become super paranoid about having my personal linux server and my VPS exposed on the internet. SSH keys are good, but I want something more. At work we have multiple really awesome options for two factor authentication and I was looking for something similar and pricing things out to see how much it would be. I came across duo security which looks to be exactly what I want and was pleasantly surprised that they offer free accounts. It took me less than 10 minutes from registering an account with them, following their excellent documentation to activate two factor auth set up on my dev server which will send a text message or a push notification to your phone. It was such a breeze. Looks like their high offerings are up to $3/month/user which I would totally be willing to pay. I'm not sure what I'm missing with the free version just yet.

Vagrant and duo security both rock! I definitely recommend checking them out :)