My task management workflow: Captio + Mailbox + Boomerang

I am really digging Mailbox for iPhone. It is a way to do task management entirely through gmail/emails. Basically what it provides is a way for you to put your emails off for some period of time (1 hour, this evening, next week, next month) and after that time period it will return that message back to your inbox! It's simple really. I already use this workflow extensively with Boomerang for Gmail (

I recommend checkout out the video to see how you should use Mailbox:

This shows how it literally integrates/translates to gmail folders:

For a while my workflow had been: Capture a note with Captio (amazingly simple/useful app) Once I got back to gmail in the browser I would use boomerang (chrome extension) to reschedule when i wanted to see it I used Sparrow iphone app to handle all emails.
It was always a pain to have to come back to a full computer to do this. I paid 3 bucks a month to boomerang for this, and for me it is easily worth it!

Here is how it currently works with Mailbox: Capture a note with Captio I check all email and can reschedule the email/task with Mailbox on my iPhone.

I'll still probably pay for/use boomerang for the time being. There are several other features it provides such as:

  1. It does the exact same thing as Mailbox. Allows to "follow up" or bring an email back into your inbox at a later time. It is more refined than Mailbox IMHO.
  2. When sending email I can tell it to notify me if the recipient hasn't replied withing a certain amount of time (e.g. 2 days) . If the send replies, it will not return the email to your inbox
  3. Send an email at a later time. I don't use this often.

All in all, I'm really digging Mailbox as it works really really well with my workflow. It keeps my life in line. Hopefully it continues to get better. :)

I'm really impressed that they released their initial app several weeks ago, and I check back every once in a while to see if there are updates to the up just to find there aren't any. kudos to them for releasing an app without releasing several bug fixes shortly after :)

Lastly I've been thinking how I'm going to integrate this with emacs org-mode (where I keep most of my work related notes/tasks). I've got a script hacked up to use imaplib to pull my current inbox (tasks) but am not sure exactly how I want to do it. Still unsure. Thoughts?