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  1. Building a Billion User Load Balancer -- SRECon Europe 2015

    Want to learn how Facebook scales their load balancing infrastructure to support more than 1.3 billion users? We will be revealing the technologies and methods we use to global route and balance Facebook's traffic. The Traffic team at Facebook has built several systems for managing and balancing our site traffic, including both a DNS load balancer and a software load balancer capable of handling several protocols. This talk will focus on these technologies and how they have helped improve user performance, manage capacity, and increase reliability.

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  2. My task management workflow: Captio + Mailbox + Boomerang

    I am really digging Mailbox for iPhone. It is a way to do task management entirely through gmail/emails. Basically what it provides is a way for you to put your emails off for some period of time (1 hour, this evening, next week, next month) and after that time period it will return that message back to your inbox! It's simple really. I already use this workflow extensively with Boomerang for Gmail (http://www.boomeranggmail.com/)

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